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Absolute Financial Planning is a locally owned and independent financial planning firm. We serve a variety of clients helping them pursue short and long term financial goals by creating financial analysis and plans that give clients a road map to pursue their financial future. We review budgets, cash flow, investments, estate planning, insurance coverage, liabilities and other areas related to good financial management. We also manage investments for clients that wish to utilize those services. 

Absolute Financial Planning has an internship program that can provide a variety of exposure to a financial planning firm and a small business. Our primary internship program is generally filled by finance and economics majors interns. In this program, interns assist our operations manager with the client reporting and file preparation for the adviser meetings. These reports show client performance and rates of return along with a consolidated view of the client's overall progress. Interns will learn about various products offered to investors such as stocks, mutual funds, annuities, REITS, and Accredited investors programs, and when and why they are used in a client's portfolio. 

Interns will learn to use common industry software such as Albridge, Morningstar, Emoney, Salesforce, and Redtail. 2nd-semester interns can also attend some client meetings with the advisor and assist with financial plan development. During the course of the internship, there will be small projects that assist the team in developing new programs. These are generally research projects about certain investments' performance or cost basis research or other forensic accounting style projects. Interns are invited to attend all staff meetings and to contribute to the overall culture of the firm. Depending on the needs of the firm at the time, full-time positions may be available to long term interns (more than one year) 

This internship is unpaid for the first semester and requires at least 15 hours per week with no less than 3 hours per workday. The program qualifies for internship credit for most university programs and a supervisor will submit grades and surveys for classes that require it. 2nd-semester interns will be paid hourly after a review and approval.


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