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Janie McConnell

Janie McConnell

Registered Client Service Assistant

Janie has had an extensive and diverse career in the financial services industry, spanning over four decades. Starting in the mortgage business and transitioning to Private Wealth Management in 1993 with Dean Witter, she acquired full licensing within the same year. Her roles have encompassed management, indirect sales, and operations, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the various facets within the financial sector.

Her ability to draw from her wide scope of expertise allows Janie to navigate complexities efficiently and effectively, enabling her to address Absolute Financial Planning’s clients’ needs promptly. By leveraging her understanding of the industry, she can devise strategies and implement solutions to make life easier for our clients.  You can always feel confident in contacting Janie with any issue or concern and know she is eager to assist.  Her attention to detail makes her a perfect point person for our team.  Janie’s responsibilities include answering client inquiries, preparing reports, processing documents and handling day-to-day administrative duties.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Janie enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, particularly visiting music venues, showcasing her love for music. Additionally, she embraces the outdoors, relishing moments in nature whenever the weather permits. This balance between her professional life and personal interests highlights her well-rounded nature and dedication to both her career and enjoying life outside of work.